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Installing Portlet Container on Tomcat
You need to install Tomcat 5.5 and above (Unix:  If Tomcat is installed as root user, perform the following steps as root user) before performing the following steps

Setup JSTL

Download JSTL 1.1 from this link. After installing JSTL the following directory structure would be available :
<JSTL_INSTALL_DIR>/jakarta-taglibs/standard apart from other directories at the level of standard.

To setup JSTL 1.1 on Tomcat please follow the below steps:

   1. Copy <JSTL_INSTALL_DIR>/jakarta-taglibs/standard/lib/standard.jar and <JSTL_INSTALL_DIR>/jakarta-taglibs/standard/lib/jstl.jar to <TOMCAT_HOME>/common/lib directory.

   2. Copy <JSTL_INSTALL_DIR>/jakarta-taglibs/standard/tld/c.tld and <JSTL_INSTALL_DIR>/jakarta-taglibs/standard/tld/fmt.tld to  <TOMCAT_HOME>/common/classes directory.

These two steps will setup JSTL 1.1 for all applications on Tomcat.

Additional setup for Portlet Container 2.x

  • Use JDK 1.6 as JRE
  • If you use JDK 1.5 as JRE, you need to install Metro 1.1
  • Download and unzip Metro 1.1 from here.
  • Install Metro on Tomcat by following these instructions.
  • Copy the jar files from <METRO_INSTALL_DIR>/lib to  <TOMCAT_HOME>/common/lib
  • Restart Tomcat


     Using GUI

        Execute the following command
        java -jar portlet-container-configurator.jar

        This will open the UI installer. Chose Tomcat and input the required information. Select "OK" to install.

               GUI of Portlet Container Installer

    Using CLI

        Execute the following command to deploy on Glassfish
        java -jar portlet-container-configurator.jar <Tomcat_Home>  <Tomcat_Webapps_Dir> Tomcat <Ant_Home>

        Windows: java -jar portlet-container-configurator.jar c:\tomcat  c:\tomcat\webapps Tomcat  c:\ant
        Unix: java -jar portlet-container-configurator.jar /usr/local/tomcat  /usr/local/tomcat/webapps Tomcat /usr/local/ant

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